Basudevpur Municipality
ବାସୁଦେବପୁର ପୌରପାଳିକା

Nibedita Behera,
Chairperson More

Samir Ranjan Dash,
Executive Officer More

05 : 55 AM

Section Details

1.      Establishment Section:- Deals with over all administration of employees.

2.      Accounts Section:-Deals with Bills, Budgets, accounts, cash, maintenance of allotments and & submission of U.Cs.

3.      Sanitation Section:-Deals with Sanitation matters..

4.      Health Section:-A Homeopathic Dispensary runs under Health Section for patients and free distribution of homeopathic medicines.

5.      Works Section:- Deals with all developmental Works.

6.      Street Lighting Section :- installation and repairs of the LED Smart street Lights.

7.      Public Distribution System:- Deals with public distribution of essential commodities.

8.      Social Security Section :-Deals with NSAP, MBPY, HSY & NFBS.

9.      Tax Section :- Deals with collection of own source of revenue, Building plan approval etc.

10.    General & Misc. Section :- Deals with General & Misc Matters, Election etc.

11.    R.T.I. Section:- Deals with RTI Matters.

12.    DAY-NULM:- Deals regarding reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households.

13.    Housing:- Deals with Construction of DUs under PMAY-U.

14.    e-Governance:- Deals with e-Governance works.

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